VIDEO: Fmr. Parliamentary Aspirant Narrates How Obinimís Spiritual Powers Nearly Ruined His Life

How is anybody buying any of this stuff?

A clip from Bishop Daniel Obinim’s OB TV, posted online by staunch supporter and uncouth Diamond Appiah, shows a man purporting to be Daniel Mensah, who contested for Parliamentary aspirant for the PPP in the Aowim constituency, coming to confess his sins against Obinim.

The clip shows Mensah himself standing mute, whilst one of Obinim’s pastors narrates the story.

According to the pastor-narrator, the aspiring MP was a huge Obinim naysayer, who decided to test Obinim’s supposed spiritual powers. So he sealed his room, took one of Obinim’s stickers, and dared him to appear in the room if he had any powers.

After nothing happened, he continued to taunt Obinim by even placing food by the sticker, sarcastically intoning that perhaps he has not come because he has not been fed.

After that, Obinim appeared to him in a vision, and threatened to ruin him for doubting his powers. He said Obinim also told him that henceforth, anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes fun of Obinim, would have their lives ruined.

After that visit, Mensah, who claims he was the favourite for the PPP slot, lost the election miserably. Obinim told him afterward, in another vision, that he appeared before everyone going to vote for him and directed them to vote for his opponent.

Daniel Mensah, thus, broke into tears, coming for forgiveness from Obinim before his life is completely ruined.

It’s standard T.B Joshua type choreographed rubbish. The only interesting part for me is Obinim’s threat to ruin the lives of anyone who says bad things about him. He better start with us here on GhanaCelebrities.Com, because everytime he pulls some absurd stunt like this, we would call him out for the con man that he is.

This is amazing. Oh, and as for Diamond, if I were a pastor, I’d be embarrassed to have her as a member.

Watch the video below…


Parliamentary Aspirant n one of Bishop Obinim's haters Confesses in Tears ... Full Video on my Facebook page @ Diamond Appiah

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