Ahmadiya World Leader On Terrorism

The Caliph of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has warned that, the world is edging into another world war if global injustice continues.

His Holiness Masroor Ahmad, delivering the keynote address at the 13th National Peace Symposium of the Ahmadiya Muslim community in London, noted that the rampant acts of terrorism all in the name of Islam and the way the world is handling it makes a third world war very imminent.

“For many years I have warned that the world is moving rapidly towards another war and now other prominent people are even of the believe that such a war has already begun. Nonetheless I believe that there is time to stop such a war….”, He said.

His Holiness Masroor Ahmad opined that the fight against extremism that is pushing the world to war could be pragmatically fought by insisting on justice and compassion rather than world powers insisting on regime change and the financing of arms trade amongst the extremists.

Quoting the wall street journal and the Austrian president, the Ahmadiya world leader called for the concerted effort to fight extremism with pragmatic efforts and in the case of force being used, it should include the western world. He called for use of force only in the case where dialogue had failed.

According to the world leader, it is better for all forms of cruelty to be suppressed and virtues promoted but unfortunately the world has not accepted this as the media continue to focus on insurgencies instead of focusing on true Islam.

His Holiness Masroor Ahmad speaking ob the theme ‘’Justice, the Foundation for Lasting Peace’’, called on the media and all to suppress the vices of the few extremist minorities and rather push up the true tenets of Islam which are peace, justice and tolerance. These he insists are the building blocks to stop the imminent war he has always warned against.

He added that, major global powers continue to focus on regime change and this has turned such nations into a lawless state now with Libya as an example. Something the Caliph say he warned about years ago.

‘’..Without justice, it will be difficult to defeat the terrorist.’’ He concluded.

The national Peace Symposium is an annual event by the Ahmadiya Muslim Community in the United Kingdom that brings together people from all walks of life to think of a global peace theme and also to show support for the missions effort to promote world peace. Over 900 people attended this year’s edition, the 13th. Amongst them were religious, traditional and political leaders from all over the world.