Afoko Should Not Hide Behind ‘Ghost’ Spokespersons -Says Adjei Baffoe

Mr. Paul Awentami Afoko, the suspended National Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been challenged to go public and defend some claims he made in the Africawatch magazine relative to a training program some Serbians offered elected officers of the NPP at Vitara Hotel in Accra.

“Mr Afoko is not new to press conferences and statements so I am surprised he is talking through some ‘ghost’ spokespersons this time around. If he is certain of those claims, he should come out and counter what we are putting out”, Thomas Adjei Baffoe, Central Regional NPP Organizer told The New Crusading GUIDE in an interview last week.

He was reacting to a press conference held by ‘NPP Grassroots For Power 2016”, a newly created group within the NPP which sought to reiterate and reaffirm the claims made by Mr. Afoko which had been debunked by some participants in the training.

“Let me put it on record, the program was officially opened by the then National Chairman (Afoko) and the General Secretary (Kwabena Agyepong). The General Secretary spoke first after which Mr. Afoko took over”, the Central Regional NPP Organizer said.

“It is laughable they said the program started on 5th July, 2014. Probably it was a different program Mr. Afoko attended. Nowhere did he tell us what he told the Africawatch magazine. It is a complete lie”, he reiterated.

“Assuming it is true he told us to leave the hotel immediately and go home, what did he do afterwards when he realized we were still sitting down. He should have reported the party to the Police if indeed we were engaging in an illegal training. I am so surprised at him,” he added.

“Mr Afoko was even angry at some two women organizers who were absent so his comments come to me as a shock. But as I said, Mr Afoko should come out clearly to contest what I am telling you today. He should not engage in proxy war” Mr. Adjei stated.

Mr Afoko in an interview with the Africawatch magazine had said that “When we got to the hotel, I saw our people all over the place with two Serbians, a man and a woman, but I was told the Serbians were four and that two had left. I walked in and saw the National Organizer, John Boadu, and I asked him what was going on. He was holding a piece of paper, and I snatched the paper out of his hands. It was the training contents and I was shocked to my bones at what I was reading. THESE PEOPLE WERE OUT OF THEIR MINDS. THEY WANTED TO WIN THE ELECTIONS ON THE STREETS OF GHANA AND NOT AT THE BALLOT BOX”.

However, when the group with the sole aim of setting the records straight was asked whether the suspended NPP National Chairman had any evidence to back that particular claim, the group leader chickened out saying “unfortunately, I am not here to speak for Mr Afoko”