Atuabo Gas Workers Picket

Scores of workers at the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant in the Western Region staged a protest on Friday August 26, over what they described as poor working conditions.

According to the workers, the slightest spark at the facility could cause destruction as fire safety arrangements had been compromised.

They explained that expired fire extinguishers had not been replaced for close to eight months with the date of expiry on some of the extinguishers being February 2016.

Some of the workers also explained that a fire prevention system at the facility was out of order, thus, putting their lives in danger in case of any fire accident.

They pointed out that they had been filling safety forms everyday requesting for an overhaul of the fire systems but management had told them funds were not available for that.

“These are fire extinguishers that have expired for more than eight months and when engineers brought the extinguishers out, they were given queries; this is how the company is being managed. We have a very high level of inefficiency in management,” a worker disclosed on condition of anonymity.

It took the intervention of personnel from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to stop the workers from besieging the premises of Ghana Gas, the company which oversees the day-to-day running of the plant.

The workers also appealed to government to dissolve the entire management for failing to address key issues surrounding their working conditions.