VIDEO: Gifty Anti Talks Career And Marriage

TV Host, Gifty Anti spoke to Vanessa Gyan on Sincerely  Vee about her career, staying positive and marriage.

Anti is the host of The StandPoint, which discusses issues affecting women on GTV, and is married to Nana Ansah Kwao.

Educative, Influential, Enlightening, Powerful, Discerning, Empowering, Comforting and an Eye Opener, are some of the adjectives used in describing THE STANDPOINT, by its numerous viewers and media critics. The show has also won many awards.

Dr. Gifty Anti, the host of THE STANDPOINT is a seasoned broadcaster and a professional journalist whose passion and drive for women and gender issues have made this the most relevant and influential show on TV.

The African Women of Worth Awards and Queens Magazine honoured Dr. Gifty Anti with the “Influential woman of the Year” award in 2012.
Global Center for Transformational Leadership also honoured her with an honorary Doctor of letters award in 2012.

She was also made UN Millennium Development Ambassador in 2012 and two Awards at the Radio and Television Personality Awards the same year. These are a few of the many awards Dr. Gifty Anti has won in her professional life.This is the richness and substance behind THE STANDPOINT, which is aired every Friday on GTV at 8.15pm a very prime spot with maximum viewership.

THE STANDPOINT has also received many citations and recommendations over the years.

THE STAND POINT is a TV program which deals with issues affecting women; social, political, cultural, traditional, health, and leadership. Basically it dares to touch on and discuss hitherto taboo topics. The show represents the voiceless, and defenceless in society.

THE STANDPOINT has been at the cutting edge of talk shows in Ghana and for Africans and other nationalities in the U.K. The show has raised the standard in this field because not only are the issues talked about, but support and help are sought for the victims or survivors of abuse and societal injustice.
‘Widowhood rights, ‘female genital mutilation”, “why women stay in abusive relationships” “Breast Cancer” and other intriguing topics are discussed on the show with a panel of three, mostly women. They share their experiences and expertise on the issues discussed.

Associating with The STANDPOINT gives a strong sense of corporate social responsibility to your organization as well as the commercial benefits.
51% of our population are women and this is the number one show that deals with gender and female issues on a platform that is nationwide. There is a market waiting for you to take the opportunity.

To make THE STANDPOINT accessible to people all over the world, the programme is stream live online at at 8:15pm every Friday. Previous episodes can also be viewed at the website at one’s convenience. The Programme is also aired on Klear TV on Sky channel 232 in the UK and parts of Europe and Allied Broadcasting Network, ABN also on Sky.

THE STANPOINT is Produced by G.D.A. Concepts Limited, ”Providing Quality Service with A Feminine Touch”

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