8 Feared Dead In Boat Accident On Bui Reservoir

At least eight people cannot be accounted for after a boat in which they were travelling on capsized in the reservoir of the Bui Hydro Dam early Friday.

The eight were said to be part of 33 others who were travelling on a boat to the Jama Market.

Public Relations Manager at the BPA, Chery Lawson-Adamu told Myjoyonline.com the boat capsized near an upstream village called Accra Town after it developed a fault with its outboard motor.

An elder and member of the Fishermen Association of Jama, Oscar Torgbadza narrated 15 passengers were on board that boat.

He said a mechanic nearby decided to transport an outboard motor to assist the distressed boat but his boat also capsized while trying to assist.
The twin incident triggered calls for assistance.

This prompted the Bui Power Authority to contact the Ghana Navy which dispatched its men to the scene for a rescue mission.

The PR Manager said, in the course of the operation, 25 people were rescued but the whereabouts of the eight others could not be established.

But officials of the Authority said they are continuing with operations to see if they could find more people.