Daddy Day Careā€¦The Past, The Present And The Future

Ten (10) years ago Faith and hope was birthed.The dream was set in motion soon to become the story that is today.

Daddy Day Care was birthed in a little apartment as an after-school and vacation care center. The idea was to help parents at those critical times when school was not in session.

“Despise not little beginnings”; In September 2007 when Daddy Day Care started, 20 people registered but unfortunately none of them showed up. It was heartbreaking but we persevered. For us, four was a charm because in the fourth week luck smiled on us and we had our very first student. His mother was so impressed with his progress during the summer school that she brought his sister to join; we called her ‘our first lady’ and that was how the story started.

We had our challenges, our lows and our highs but ten years on we look back and smile knowing that those experiences molded and shaped us into becoming who we are today.

Today Daddy Day Care has graduated 8 batches of students who are excelling in various schools both locally and internationally, and that for us is our main achievement.One day, I had a call from a white lady who introduced herself as headmistress of a school in the UK. She said she had a smart Ghanaian kid in her school who was a little over 2 years who attended Daddy Daycare Ghana. His performance was so outstanding she wanted to know what method or curriculum we use. This boy came to Daddy daycare at age 6 months and left when he was a little over 2 years because the parents had to relocate to the UK. Stories like these inspire us to do more.

There are many qualities that set Daddy Day Care apart from other schools. Our diversity, small class size, Christian Faith and skilled teachers. Our style of teaching is personalized to suit each child’s unique needs.

We believe in quality and not quantity so we have maintained our small class sizes of 10 kids to 2 teachers over the years. By so doing we are able to meet and exceed the demands and the challenges facing childhood education. We are always reminded by our board chairman to focus on our primary objective, and this is how he puts it; “let us give these children the best foundation for tomorrow. The money will come when we do it right”.

The staff work together as a team to ensure continuous improvement and increased achievement. Through it all, the concepts of family and community remain important touchstones. Our core aim is to ensure that each child leaves the school with a sense of independence, self –confidence and a drive to learn and excel.

With ten years of experience, a tenacity to excel, a passion and dedication to change lives and destinies and a setting that’s friendly, homey and safe we can boldly say there is no better place for your children than Daddy Day Care.

So walk in today and experience first-hand the ‘Daddy Day Care’ difference.

Registration in progress (2017/18 academic year). Call 0207205935 / 0244673146 or