Last Batch Of Pilgrims Touchdown

The last batch of 368 pilgrims from Saudi Arabia arrived yesterday at the Kotoka International Airport at about 10.35am to the waiting arms of their family members.

Over 6000 Ghanaians performed this year’s Hajj; the quota for the country being 6200. Since the return flights commenced, the Hajj Village has been bustling with activities as pilgrims frequent the location on daily basis to claim their luggage. While some have laid hands on theirs others continue to make daily trips with the hope that they could be lucky.

The return trip from the pilgrimage is a critical segment of the exercise because while most pilgrims buy souvenirs to be distributed to family members others buy stuff for commercial purposes sometimes exceeding the permissible weight limit. This situation compels, in some instances, the airline to drop the excess baggage for subsequent flights for safety reasons.

The Head of IT, Dr. Mohammed-Sanni Abdulai has commenced a survey to gather impressions and concerns about the hajj within the Islamic community.

The survey, he said, is not confined to only those who performed the Hajj but others who have the pilgrimage at heart. This way, he said, the authorities would be primed to fine-tune future Hajj operations.

The survey comes at the heels of conflicting impressions about Hajj 2017. The IT Head is encouraging all to fetch the link and complete the confidential questionnaire.

Details of responses, he assured, would be confidential – the names of respondents not showing in the survey in any form.

Some members of the Hajj Board did not return yesterday as they are reportedly doing a mop-up operation in Saudi Arabia following the completion of the airlift.