Christians Are More Materialistic Than Spiritual - Pastor Armah

The Founder and Leader of Christ Preachers’ Church International (Yesu Adi Nkunim, Obonsam Ahwe Ase), Pastor Dr. Joseph Blay Armah, has revealed that contemporary Christians have become materialistic than being spiritual.

Christians, he said love to spend on unnecessary things than leading lives that would attract the blessings of God upon their lives.

The love of God, Pastor Armah said is well extended when Christians first of all learn to sacrifice their lives for one another rather than spending lavishly on unnecessary things.

The spiritual Man of God made this known at the 10TH ordination ceremony by the church at its Sowutuom assembly in Accra last Sunday in the presence of thousands of Christians.

“Many Christians normally refuse to fulfill their church obligations by giving more to Christ; instead, they spend huge amount of monies on items that would be of no benefit to their spiritual being” he hinted.

Pastor Armah further underscored the need for Christians to live lives full of emulation to help win more souls for Christ in the 2018 year.

According to the Man of God, it is only when Christians demonstrate lifestyles that are worthy of Christ, that is what will convince their colleagues to follow them to the house of God.

Touching on Ghana’s economy, the Man of God said he expect to experience a massive positive change in the economy if Ghanaians develop attitudes of holiness.

The word of God, Pastor Armah noted is the only transformation power. He therefore called on Christians to live lives which are in accordance with the gospel.

He entreated Ghanaians to demonstrate love for one another to help the nation grow.

 Pastor Armah said he expect ministers of God to work hard  with regard to the dissemination of the gospel since that can also help move the nation forward.

Renewal of the heart and the mind of every Ghanaian, he also said is needed to help take the country to its promised land in 2018.