Two Ghanaian Footballers Duped In Kolkata

Two Ghanaian footballers have been cheated in the Bengal capital of Kolkata, leaving them to roam the streets of Kolkata for the past two months.

Richard Teyi Akumiha and Teti Philip Aadza arrived here in November, on the faith and advice of a local agent by the name of Subrata, who took $ 500 dollars from them.

An agent from the African nation had helped them reach Kolkata, but on arrival Akumiha and Aadza were shocked to realise that they had been duped.

They have got nothing in return. Not a single Kolkata club has provided a trial opportunity to the Ghanaian pair, and two months since they reached India, their visas are about to expire in a week.

Akumiha and Aadza must return to Ghana or else face being arrested.

They came with the dream of playing football for one of Kolkata's famous clubs, but the reality was bitter.

Stuck in such situation, the footballers have started asking for money from Ghana. Realistic of the fact that their pleas are not a long-term solution, they want to request local football clubs to give them one opportunity to prove their worth. Aadza, who has played for the Under-20 Ghana football team, pleads: "For once at least give me a chance. I would not disappoint you."

Will their appeal fall on deaf ears?