Invest In Your Staff Or Fail – Keminni Amnor to Media owners

Celebrated Broadcast Journalist, Keminni Amanor has charged Media owners to invest in their talents in order to bring out the best in them.

There have been several calls on media owners to invest in their staff to get the best out of them and to equip them with knowledge as the media continues to grow each day.

“We need to train. When I started all I wanted to do was to be on the radio to tell people how beautiful my voice is and how articulate I thought I was. But you’ve realized that the vocation is more than just the glam. It is more of getting onto the grounds and getting the work done.

You can’t do that if you’ve not learnt it and I’m not talking about going to sit in Journalism class, you can’t get that there. Media owners should invest in us they need to invest in their talents. You can’t just get out there and get the best storytellers just like that. You train people and they can get you the scoop,” she told KSM

She also called on Civil society organizations to be fearless like their colleagues in other countries and also encouraged them to work with the media because they will be able to achieve their courses only when they agree to collaborate with the media in pushing their agenda.