My Staff Will Not Be Spared If . . .  - Amidu

Nominee for Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has said his staff will not be spared in the execution of his duties if approved by Parliament as Special Prosecutor.

According to him staff of the Special Prosecutor’s office will not be on a holiday because he will make sure they are even investigated when any fall against the laws of the state.

 He said he will not stop fighting for the betterment of Ghanaians no matter where he finds himself even if not approved.

“Whether I am approved to be the Special Prosecutor or not I will continue to fight for the people of this country”, he vowed.

During his vetting Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Amidu stressed that this country is not a “milking cow”, therefore all citizens must benefit from the nations pie, this is why he always avail himself to deal lawfully and on-top gets angry with officials who manipulate their ways in duping the state.

On his acceptance as Special Prosecutor nominee, he affirmed that “I honored the position due me because it is nowhere near politics and hates to see state properties being mismanaged”.

“Our country will not need any foreign assistance when corruption is taken out of any transaction made, both locally and internationally especially by officials occupying government seats. Upon doing this, I know and believe the ancestors who fought for us to see Ghana today but have gone before me will welcome me into their bosom when I am no more”, he said.