Gyan Warns ‘Corrupt’ Politicians & Pastors In New Song

Sensational gospel musician, Ben K Gyan, has warned politicians who are siphoning the nation’s resources to desist from that before the axe of God strikes them dead.

Gyan in a new album titled ‘korkorbor’ cautioned the politicians to be careful as God is not pleased with the manner in which they are handling the meagre resources in the country.

The album which was released in the latter part of 2017 contains 15 songs which all point to the fact that God is not happy with how the country is being managed by leaders at various levels.

Track 1 from which the theme of the album is derived talks of how God has drawn his axe and its ready to cut down any leader in the country who is not ready to seek the welfare of his/her followers.

Pastors, politicians, chiefs, radio presenters are but a few of the leaders who are warned to be weary of the wrath of God.

In an interview with, Ben Gyan said he felt the responsibility to preach this message to the world hence the release of the album.

“A charge to keep I have, A God to glory…,” he sings in the opening lines of the song to warn the leaders to learn to protect the charges given them by God.