SCAM & FRAUD ALERT: Dominic Eduah's Has Secured U.S Visas For 275 Youth Organizers?

I have noticed with utter disdain, the crass dishonesty and deception being exhibited by Dominic Eduah and his surrogates relative to his (Dominic) travel to the USA.

Every bit of information released relative to Dominic’s travel is shrouded in lies and false misrepresentations and I would want to lay the facts bare to expose the dishonest nature of a candidate whose biggest and sole policy he claims, is Honesty.

1. Dominic’s travel to the USA is not an officially sanctioned visit by the party nor the youth wing contrary to what has been put out there by Dominic and his assigns.

2. OUR checks with the National Youth Organizer’s office indicates that neither the National Youth Organizer, Sammi Awuku nor the Vice President of the International Young Democrats Union (IYDU), Kwaku Ohene Gyan (Osono Ba) has any knowledge about it.

3. In fact the International Relations directorate of the party knows nothing about the said travel.

4. One would query, why would the meticulous Youth Leader, Sammi Awuku have no knowledge about the said official visit by Dominic? And how on earth will Osono Ba who is the Vice President for IYDU and represents the Youth Wing in such matters has no knowledge of such arrangements not to talk of being part of the mirage agreement?

5. Another blatant lie being circulated to hoodwink delegates is that Dominic officially met the Leader of the Young Republican National Federation and has sealed an exchange program deal for all the 275 constituency youth organizers and their deputies as well as Tescon in USA.

6. This is false and misleading per my checks with the office of the Federation in the United States.

7. The Federation has categorically denied arranging any official meeting between Jason and Dominic Eduah. The said meeting was a private one.

8. Again, the Federation has denied any official agreement entered into between Dominic and Jason for any Youth Organizer to have exchange program in the United States.

8. Officials of the Federation have even denied signing any Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

9. Isn’t it ironic, that there is no picture among the lots in circulation where Dominic and Jason are seen signing an agreement?

10. So where is the MoU signed by both parties for any person to be granted an exchange program in the United Stated?

Dominic should produce the MoU detailing the said Exchange Program Agreement or unreservedly apologize to the Youth of NPP to save his dented image and questionable integrity.

11. Delegates should be on the look out for the intensified dishonest disposition of Dominic Eduah & Hopeson Adeorye, his campaign manager as the elections draw nearer.

12. Lastly these false misrepresentation and reckless attitude can negatively effect the party's relations with our foreign partners.

NPP Delegates shall vote against Candidates who want to use Scam as a Campaign tool.