‘Who Watches The Watchman’ Is The “Most Useless” Exposé Ever - Maurice Ampaw

Legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has described Mr Kennedy Agyapong’s exposé that sought to prove that ace investigate journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas was corrupt as the “most useless” video evidence ever to be shown to Ghanaians.

Without any regret, the self-acclaimed ‘celebrity lawyer’ said the NPP MP for Assin central is not ‘serious’ with his modus operandi to make known who Anas is.

“In all the video exposé premiers I have watched, this particular one is the most useless exposé ever” - Maurice said in an interview with NEAT FM’s morning show, ‘Ghana Montie’.

Hundreds of people turned up yesterday to watch the much-anticipated video by Mr Kennedy Agyapong that sought to prove that Anas Aremeyaw Anas was corrupt.

The video, titled: “Who watches the watchman”, was outspoken Agyapong’s response to the Anas exposé on corruption in Ghana’s football administration.

On several occasions, Mr Agyapong has criticised Anas’s routine of investigations, describing it as a ‘serious threat to Ghana’.

He, therefore, carried his threat to use the video to expose what he described as Anas’s transgressions.

That sentiment was echoed in the video, in which a narrator sarcastically stated that he was hopeful that the allegations of bribery, intimidation and selective naming and shaming leveled against Anas were not true.

The 45-minute video depicted two separate meetings in which a narrator claimed that some of the footages were attempts by Anas to shield certain criminals from facing the law.

In the meeting, a person alleged to be Anas was seen having a discussion in Hausa with two people who were revealed in the video as Mubarak and Baba Tunde.

Per the information provided in the video, the two were part of an alleged gold scam that reportedly duped a company of $5 million.

But Maurice noted that “There is no evidential value to his [Kennedy Agyapong] video” – to him, “it’s like a concert party kind of evidence. It’s very unfortunate. Those behind the video were motivated by malice and they are people who were threatening Anas”

“Kennedy Agyapong should show his video on BBC if he wants us to take him serious” he told host Kwesi Aboagye