Don’t Ignore Your Woman, She Has Given You Life- Rita Edochie To Men

Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie is flying high the kite of feminism and women empowerment (in a rather subtle tone) in a post she has shared on Instagram.

She has a message for the men out there and that is respecting women and motherhood in general. She asked that husbands do not ignore their wives but they are still the same women they married.

She wrote, “The scars and stretch marks on your wife’s stomach, symbolizes the pain that comes with motherhood, it symbolizes love and life. Remember how beautiful she was when she was your newly wedded wife, she is still the same woman you fell in love with! The difference now is, she has given you children, she has given you life, she has blessed you with a family. Don’t ignore your woman. Husband? Don’t make her go through anymore pains, pls don’t hit her, don’t nag, don’t insult her. Each time I see my moms tummy, I smile and say to myself. That was my duplex for 9months.”