I Haven't Compiled Names Of MPs & Ministers Who Voted Against Blay- Andy Owusu

My attention has been drawn to a list of names of some high ranking NPP faithfuls circulating on social media, and purportedly coming from my outfit.

The said list have names of MPs, ministers and party executives which seem to suggest I had compiled and forwarded to the Jubilee House, as those who openly campaigned against the newly sworn-in national chairman of our party, Mr. Freddy Blay, in the Ashanti region.

First of all, I want to place on record that I, Andy Owusu, Programmes Manager to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP, have not provided any list whatsoever to any body or group within and outside the party.

The elections are over, and the party came out of the conference more solid, united and poised than ever. Therefore, it will be childish for anyone to throw this kind of agenda in the public space.

I see this as a grand scheme against me by persons who are not just weak and naive but people who are politically frustrated and will do anything to bring me down.

As a fast learner in modern day politics, It will be foolish and absurd to wallow in such a hollow useless agenda. Instead, with my focus firmly rooted on an NPP victory beyond 2024,I would rather channel all my energies in working together with the newly elected party executives and all to make that vision happen.

I have no time to waste on such trivial, and, I, therefore, want to urge the public to ignore such vile propaganda against my personality and that of the hardworking legislators whose names were mentioned in the list being bandied around.

Again, I see this as a handy work of opponents of the party just to divert attention of the public from the successful conference held last Saturday at Koforidua.

I am forever committed to the forward March of this great party, and will not in anyways thwart the efforts of the party.

Thank you

Andy Owusu

(Programmes Manager to The Ashanti Regional Chairman-NPP)