Ursula Owusu Warns Franklin Cudjoe...

The Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu Ekuful has warned IMANI Africa Boss, Franklin Cudjoe to throw in the towel on his so-called relentless fight on the Kelni-GVG deal before he even gets more embarrassed.

President of Imani-Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has been reacting to the Accra High Court’s dismissal Tuesday of an interlocutory injunction seeking to stop government from going ahead with the implementation of the common platform to monitor revenue patterns of telecommunication companies.

Mr. Cudjoe said IMANI is taken aback by the court’s ruling.

He said though the ruling is unfortunate, his organisation will continue to resort to other avenues to stop the contract.

In what seems to be a reply to the IMANI President, Franklin Cudjoe, and reaction to the ruling by the court on Social media, the Communications Minister said it will be in the interest of Cudjoe and his cohorts to withdraw their campaign following the judgment of the court.

“Instead of listening to reason, you create your own set of facts, obsess about it and expect everyone to believe you just because you say so. Truth stands. There will be no violation of anyones privacy. There are no procurement breaches. Stop this before you get even more embarrassed.”

“The telcos themselves have 95% confidence in the set up and have stopped their feeble protest yet the sole crusader FC and his cohorts wants us to believe his ‘evidenceless fears!! We will continue to engage the sane minds out there. It is a very sound reasoned ruling on all fours with our laws. Chew on it and admit that sometimes, even you may get it wrong, Ursula wrote on his Facebook wall on Wednesday.

An Accra High court on Tuesday told two citizens asking that the court puts on hold the implementation of a mobile call traffic monitoring system that “You are peddling evidenceless fears”.

Sara Asafu-Adjaye and Maximus Amertogoh through their lawyers were seeking to injunct efforts by government to monitor real-time, call traffic for purposes of calculating taxes due government.

To them allowing Kelni GVG – the company contracted by government to do the monitoring – to go ahead with implementation of the agreement will amount to a breach of privacy.

But the Judge, Justice Anthony Yeboah held that it was obvious from documents before him that the applicants had no personal knowledge of the common monitoring platform.