Flee From Corruption - Chief Justice Warns Judges, Judicial Staff

The Chief Justice, Ms. Sophia Akuffo has issued a strong warning to judges, magistrates and staff of the judiciary to “flee” from corruption because it undermined the rationale for the existence of the judiciary and erodes public trust and confidence.

She had consequently assured Ghanaians that the Service would continually explore more effective responses and severe penalties to completely eradicate the menace of corruption from the judiciary.

Ms Akuffo gave the warning when she launched the Public Complaint Unit and Anti- Corruption Campaign in Cape Coast, the ancient capital of the central region on Tuesday as part of her five-day working visit to the region.

She said public complain unit which was established in 2003 to promote good governance, transparency and fair administering of justice had been decentralised to all regions and hoped that it would further embrace the local people.

The Chief Justice reiterated the commitment of the judiciary to address and eradicate all forms of corruption and ensure that opportunities were not created for corruption to thrive.

“The judiciary takes complaints of corruption extremely seriously and will submit anyone against who a valid complaint is made to the disciplinary process in terms of the law and in the case of superior court judges, in terms of the impeachment procedure set out in the constitution” she stated.

“Corruption cannot and will not be tolerated because it leads to self-help and self-help breaks down law and order and break down of law and order, collapses nation. Therefore we are taking it very seriously” she added.

The Chief Justice said the judiciary regarded the integrity of judges, magistrates and staff of the judicial service as critical and has therefore increased its focus on ethics and integrity to ensure that only the best were appointed to positions of authority.

In this regard, she said a new recruitment procedure had been introduced to ensure that persons who got appointed as judges and magistrates were committed and of highest standard.

The Chief Justice admonished judges and staff of the judiciary to be role models to the public to generate public confidence in the judicial system.