Anas Releases Another Exposé On Hot FM Host

Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has released another video footage of his encounter with embattled Hot FM presenter, Justice Kweku Annan.

In the secret recording, Mr. Annan is seen and heard talking to an unknown person on phone explaining how they need to strategise and make Anas suffer for the harm caused persons in the ‘Number12’ exposé.

“Now Anas himself is complaining to GJA that he’s under threat, he’s this he’s that. Yea, they are talking about security and a lot of issues but that serves him right. He needs to suffer for it. Yea he created it and he must have it that way”, he said.

Annan further communicated that his team comprising of Kennedy Agyapong and some others will do everything possible to bring Anas down. He noted that they would launch a heavy attack on his credibility using the media platforms they control while indicating that his team will have to review some concerns and structure properly on the execution.

“I always prefer things of that nature. I think it would be too much consumed. People will consume everything, you see but after releasing his and I have a great exposé to be released, then another one from Ken Agyapong and myself. We are seriously collaborating and he’s now losing full grips. When you get any new thing too, pick it”, he said.

“The Tiger Eye is losing full grips as I’m talking to you now. And now, he’s saying he’s afraid and asking for too much police backing, escorts and the likes. For me, people going to watch the video doesn’t take the equation away now he’s also suffering the credibility. Yes, he’s also suffering serious major blow to his credibility”, he added.