Allotey Jacobs Blames NDC’s Lukewarm Attitude For Charlotte Osei’s Removal

Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Bernard Allotey Jacobs says he blames his party leaders for the lukewarm attitude in tackling public interest issues, therefore the removal of the EC boss and other awkward implementations by the current government.

He cited the instance where they sat idle when the NPP started attacking Charlotte Osei’s credibility and chanted her removal from office when they were in opposition and continued when they assumed power.

“ . . I even blame my party sometimes for this mess, because there could have been certain consultations between stakeholders and opposition parties on government’s terrible course,” he told Kwame Sefa Kayi.

“We did nothing, yet we could have raised up our voices to stop it,” he said.

Asked about his reaction on the two other deputies of the EC removed, he noted that “we are not talking about Amadu Sulley and Georgina Opoku Amankwah, it is up to them to fight their troubles, I am talking about the EC Chairperson, the one who peacefully supervised and collated the best ever elections in this country”.

He added that the unenthusiastic attitude of his party towards public issues gives the NPP the yardstick to take certain decisions that will favour their party, especially on the removal of the former EC boss and subsequently naming of a new one.

To him, the NPP keep stressing on the fact that the constitution gives the President mandate to elect a Chairperson for the Electoral Commission, but have forgotten the future outcome such decisions can generate.

According to Allotey Jacobs, the President could have met with leaders of the various political parties and labour unions to deliberate on his decision of removing and electing an EC boss, than how it has currently been handled.