“Mrs. Rawlings Is A Walking Disaster And Bad News For NDC”—Kweku Baako

That there is no love-lost between Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Malik Kweku Baako and the Rawlingses comes as no surprise to most people. But the extent of the extreme dislike for each other guts was amply manifested when the outspoken NDC critic launched a rather blistering and scathing verbal attack on the personality of former First Lady and President of the 31st December Women’s Movement, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings. Commenting on the apparent verbal tango between Mrs. Rawlings and NDC Chief Scribe, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah (General Mosquito), he described Mrs. Rawlings as “bad news for the NDC, not credible” and “a walking disaster.” “Honestly, honestly, Mrs. Rawlings, look I say it and I repeat; she is a very bad news for the NDC. Very bad news. And it is pathetic that…hear what she is saying about Asiedu Nketia…If we’re to examine Mrs. Rawlings very well and the husband, especially Mrs. Rawlings, she is worse off. She is just not credible…Politically; she is a disaster, a walking disaster!” Malik Kweku Baako said on PEACEFM’s “Kokrokoo”. The war of words between the two NDC heavyweights began when General Mosquito allegedly dropped a bombshell saying that the former First Lady was campaigning for an ‘alien’ position; one that does not exist in the party and may be on a ‘wild goose chase’ in her campaign to become the First Vice-Chairperson of the NDC. Asiedu-Nketia reportedly told journalists in the later part of November, 2009, that the NDC does not have anything like the rank of vice chairpersons into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, et cetera positions, but what pertains, according to him, is that all vice chairpersons in the party are considered as having equal status and they are subordinates of the chairman who assigns any of them duties as and when necessary. Mrs. Rawlings had by then returned from the Eastern region, canvassing for votes while meeting party people, ahead of December 1- the date officially allowed for campaign to commence. As if to add salt to injury, General Mosquito, when launching his bid for re-election last week, vowed to get rid of parallel women's organizations within the party if he is elected to serve a second term. Mr. Aseidu-Nketia suggested that the party's main women's wing has been hijacked. “We have a very weak women's wing; we have a very weak youth wing. At times when you go to the field [and] you want to meet the women's wing,… you meet members of an NGO,” he stated. Sources within the party claim his comments were in apparent reference to the 31st December Women's Movement, led by former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings. Not to be undone, the Former First lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, in an interview with Boss FM, a radio station in Kumasi on Tuesday, accused General Mosquito of destroying the NDC party. She explained that the incessant castigation of ex-President Rawlings and other founding fathers of the NDC by General Mosquito was gradually but surely destroying the ruling party. Mrs. Agyeman Rawlings stated categorically that her husband, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, made Johnson Asiedu Nketia, aka General Mosquito, who he is today. According to her, ex-President Rawlings single-handedly helped the one-time Deputy Agriculture Minister to become the General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), adding that had former President Rawlings not taken General Mosquito on a national tour asking delegates to elect him as general secretary, there was no way he could have won the bid. But the New Crusading Guide Editor-in-Chief, observing the shadow-boxing in the umbrella camp on the sidelines, was uncharitable when he said “it serves the NDC right,” adding that the two leading NDC figures, “General Mosquito and Mrs. Rawlings are indeed in the same bracket.” Mr. Kweku Baako also descended heavily on the NDC party accusing them of disrespecting the constitution and displaying arrogance of power. He reproached the NDC that despite outlawing of the celebration of 31st revolution by the country’s Supreme Court, the former President, on December 31st 2009, celebrated the 28th anniversary of the occasion with other trusted allies from the Cadres group that sprout out during the period, stressing that by that singular action the NDC had committed treason. “The NDC, as I’ve been saying, they’ve been living a lie all these years. They insulted our intelligence so much that last Thursday, they celebrated the 31st December revolution by blocking roads and using public facilities and using public facilities…,” he fumed. “The arrogance that they’re displaying…they’ve no respect for the constitutional sensibilities and sensitivities of Ghanaians. They don’t care…they’ve committed treason…coup d’état that’s what they’ve done,” an irate Kweku Baako said.