"I've Never Dated Dumelo...Was Just "Fond" Of Him - Joselyn Dumas (VIDEO)

Actress Joselyn Dumas has vehemently denied reports making rounds in the media, claiming she dated actor John Dumelo for two years.

According to social media accounts, Joselyn Dumas is reported to have for the first time confessed having an amorous relationship with Actor/Politician John Dumelo during an interview with Abeiku Santana on ATUU TV Show that airs on UTV.

It has, however, turned out that the reports are completely false and fabricated.

During the said interview which UTV is scheduled to air this Saturday, at 4pm, Joselyn denied ever dating John Dumelo, when Abeiku Santana asked the renowned actress if the two had been an item before.

“I never dated John Dumelo. I didn’t have a crush on John Dumelo. However, I got fond of him. He became my very good friend. We were friends, he liked me and I also liked him and that was it,” she said in response to that question. 

When the ace broadcaster further probbed and inquired if she is bothered because her very good friend (Dumelo) recently tied the knot whiles she is still a bachelorette, Joselyn swiftly replied; “Oh no! There is nothing wrong with that because he was just a friend”.

The sultry actress disclosed that she was initially not close to John Dumelo until the two starred alongside each other in some movies, thereupon, they became very good buddies. 

“I was not close to John Dumelo, so we shot 3 movies back to back and I realized that he is as crazy as I am, so we just became very good friends. He is just a friend," she added.

UTV and the entire Despite Media Group apologizes to Joselyn Dumas if any of her statements in the yet-to-be aired interview has been misconstrued or misquoted.

Meanwhile, Joselyn’s full interview with Abeiku Santana on ATUU will be aired on UTV at exactly 4pm tomorrow Saturday, August 11, 2018.

Watch exactly what Joselyn said about John Dumelo in this teaser: