WEDDING GUEST: Actress Zynnell Zuh Slaying More Than The Brides? - PHOTOS

When we are counting female celebrities who like to be super extra with their slay game, actress Zynnell Zuh might be number one on the list.

No matter the occassion, if she is attending then be prepared to see her come with the extra slay including weddings.

It is nice that when you are attending someone’s wedding, you don’t dress more than the bride so you don't take her shine on her big day.

But Zynnell can come dressed more than the bride or looking like she is the bride - from makeup to hair, down to her clutch. One would wonder if she is competing with the bride on ‘head turner of the day’.

Her slay game knows no dull moments – No hate though, we totally love her style.

She slays always but we expect that for weddings, she might tone it down for the bride.

PHOTOS below are five of her wedding guest moments-