Marriage Is Not For Everybody - Sarkodie

Putting pressure on people to get married is “not the best,” says Ghanaian artiste, Sarkodie.

He was speaking on the pressures individuals especially public figures face to get married, or at least be in a serious relationship.

“…It’s not for everybody so let’s stop putting pressure on people to get married. It’s not the best. Tracy and I have known it each other for a long while so for me I was sure.” stated Sarkodie to  Hitz FM Monday morning.

Sarkodie months ago married his longtime girl friend and mother of his daughter.

“…Marriage is not for everyone. You have to do it based on how you feel. You are not supposed to do it because someone got married and you feel you are under pressure to do so. Some people can’t function when they have been locked down but I function more with that.”