Obinim Reveals The Source Of His Wealth

Leader and founder of a Ghanaian based International God’s Way Church, Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim has revealed the source of his wealth in a video circulating on social media.

The majority of us thought Angel Obinim’s source of riches was as a result of the money he acquires from his church. 

Captured in a video, the Angel was telling his congregation how he was able to buy such expensive cars owned by world’s richest people and his ability to live such a luxurious life.

According to him, sometimes, he acquires his money through the spiritual realm before converting them into physical Ghana cedis.

“We take the money from the spiritual and convert them into physical. I have said all the monies I have put in the banks are not from my church, they are from the spiritual realm and I have changed them into physical.

“Jesus told me to share with my church members. So I tell you to watch your ways so I can use some of the money to help you and take care of you…” he said.

Watch the self-acclaimed Angel of the Lord brag to his members in the video below.