Pentecostal Council Rebukes Owusu Bempah …for peddling lies about Korankye Ankrah.

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) has in a statement issued on its behalf and signed by its executive council members, condemned the accusations levelled against Sam Korankye Ankrah, by Owusu Bempah, calling them outright lies and a figment of the latter’s imagination.

In recent times there have been calls on the church, to sanitize itself and to rid its ranks of false teachers, prophets, charlatans, magicians and those who seek to profit from the work of ministry through foul means.

These self-styled, wealth seeking, deception peddling conmen, hiding behind the clerical collar of the priesthood, ought to be exposed, named, shamed and chased out of business. They pry on the vulnerabilities of their followers and as has been proven time and again, lead them into destruction, oft times unto unjustifiable death.

The stories of Jim Jones and the Jamestown massacre, Joseph Kibwetere and the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments in Uganda, are all classic cases in point.

In the preceding weeks, a voice that has been vocal on the all-important agenda of self-cleansing by the church, has been that of the outspoken Sam Korankye Ankrah, Apostle General and Founder of the ever growing Royalhouse Chapel International.

In one of such sermons as part of his series themed Prophecies, Predictions, Projections and Magic, the Apostle General, in identifying some lifestyle traits of false prophets said in passing, “they like to bleach their skin”.

Even though there is ample evidence to the fact that, at no point in his sermon did he Sam Korankye Ankrah mention names, the popular preacher Owusu Bempah set out on a vitriolic attack against the former in apparent reply to the content of the said sermon.

As a keen observer of the religious space and a Christian for that matter, I have admired the maturity of the Apostle General, Korankye Ankrah, in dealing with these vexatious matters. He has held his peace, focused on the agenda to self-cleanse, and made no public utterances in relation to same.

I do also admire and commend the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council in admonishing Owusu Bempah and requiring an apology of him.

The fight to cleanse the church is a great one and must be sustained. It is worthy to note that by the official statement of the GPCC, Owusu Bempah has peddled lies  against the person of Sam Korankye Ankrah, and must render an unqualified apology to him.

Examining the accusations blurted out by Owusu Bempah, many questions beg for answers on his part.

Considering that many Ghanaians are discerning enough to tell real from fake, I will leave the questions to you my dear reader, to argue it out in the comments.

Click link for the full statement from the GPCC