‘Christian Council Is Dead’ - Prophet

General Overseer of Temple Pillars Ministries International, Prophet Emmanuel Nii Adjetey, has described the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) as a dead institution.

According to him, the religious body has become a political vehicle lacking direction and precision.

The man of God said this in an exclusive interview with Today at the sidelines of his Ministry’s 10th-anniversary celebrations in Accra.

According to him, any organisation or institution that showed no direction was worthless in the scheme of things, therefore, loses its power to effect any remarkable change.

“A nation where the headship of a Christian organisation is unable to effect change by the institution of a control measure, everything would be in disarray. Is this the kind of Christian union we are aiming to build?” he asked.

He called on the leadership of the CCG not to think that their positions were sacrosanct since they were not only people with the repository of wisdom in the country.

Delivering the sermon to mark his church’s 10th anniversary, Prophet Adjetey entreated the congregation to chart a good cause since their actions would be judged someday.

He cautioned that a country in which men and women of God fail to do the right things, the anger of God comes upon such a nation.

“Today, even juju men are given platforms to advertise their destructive and misleading practices all because no legislation prohibits them. Self-acclaimed pastors also keep swindling the vulnerable in society. Is this the way to go? Can’t something be done about that situation”? he asked.