China Is Not Trying To Be 'A Creditor Imperialist'

An official of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr Wang Yuzhu says suggestions that China was trying to be “a creditor imperialist,” by deliberately opening up and reaching out to Africa and other countries to develop their infrastructure were false allegations.

He debunked also, claims that China was trying to export pollution, saying that “There is no way we can do that, how?” that is not possible.

Mr Yuzhu was giving a lecture on “The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Construction of the China-Africa Destiny Community” at the 2018 seminar for renowned commentators and columinists of major media organisations in African countries.

The seminar being held in Beijing, China, has brought together participants from Ghana, The Gambia, Uganda, South Sudan, Ehiopia and Liberia for three weeks.

He said those allegations had been part of challenges faced by China since it started its BRI in 2013.

The BRI initiative originated from the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Maritime Silk Road that were brought up by the Chinese President in Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

Mr Yuzhu said with the initiative, China will insist on jointly building through consultation to meet the interests of all, aiming at policy, infrastructure, people to people connectivity and trade among others.

He said criticisms that China was not consulting participating countries were absurd since the initiative were pinned on the “Gongshang, Gongjian and Gongxiang principles,” which meant that the leaders of the various countries China was dealing with in relation to the BRI should have done that consultation with its people and not the Chinese because China would not interfere with the internal laws and policies of countries.

He said that the benefits of the initiative were mutual since China stood to benefit from the investments made and cited trade as an example