Edmund Kyei Tells Mahama: Stop Your Usual Political Gimmicks In Ashanti Region

Ex president Mahama made comment about how he will regulate (galamsey) when elected as president in 2021. We Ghanaians haven't forgotten you were president of this nation just two years ago and you couldn't do anything to regulate galamsey operation, the most shameful thing Ghanaians will recall is that, most of your appointees in the mining areas were also engaging in galamsey and as the then president you couldn't call them to order. What shows you can regulate galamsey when you are elected?

We Ghanaians are discerning and we remember very well how Chinese Nationals flooded the country with your approval to destroy our lands, when His Excellency Nana Addo assumed office more than half of our water bodies were destroyed by Chinese galamseyers under your watch but Nana Addo used lawful means to flush out these Chinese to protect our water bodies and gradually those waters that were being destroyed are now getting clean and clear.

President Mahama sometime ago described we Ghanaians as people who have short memory and later made this infamous comment (AKOKOR SA KYERE AKOROMA ENYE NO FE) to people in the Ashanti region, president Mahama further said even if the roads in Ashanti region are painted with gold the people won't be satisfied with his performance, these words are big insult to the people within the region. About 85% roads in Ashanti region were unmotorable under your tenure and you come back here to seek reelection?

Mr ex president you treated Ashanti region as an orphan region so excuse us with your political gimmicks. His Excellency Nana Addo is committed to the regulation of small scale mining and very soon our hard working small scale miners will start operating lawfully under his watch and water bodies will be protected as well.

Edmund Kyei Asokwa constituency 1st Vice
Communication member NPP