Medikal-Derby-Fella Saga: You Must Learn How To Cook Or He Will Dump You - Wife Of A-Plus

The range of opinions surrounding the Derby-Fella-Medikal triangle are as endless as the stars in the sky, and everyone and their mother has an opinion on the way things are going down.

The wife of controversial rapper and political commentator A Plus, Akosua Vee, is definitely one of those who has something to say concerning the issue.

One of the alleged reasons Medikal dumped Derby, aside from the obvious pressure to get married, was that she allegedly could not cook worth a damn, whilst Fella is a master in the kitchen.

It seems Medikal got just a little tired of chopping KFC and Aunti Munie and decided to go in for Fella who has been making him delicacies in his kitchen.

Commenting on that dynamic, Akosua Vee said women must take a cue and realize that when a guy says he does not care whether you can cook or not, he’s probably not telling the truth.

Writing on Facebook, she said eventually a man is going to dump a lady who can’t cook for one who can — just ask Sister Derby lol.

Check out Akosua’s post below…

“To all my lovely ladies out there, any man who tells you (I don’t look out for a lady who knows how to cook ), sister pls he dey lie ! Daakye ode b3ka wo Asem! NB:when they re seriously in love , they say a whole lot of things till reality hits them! Sister girl Berra know how to cook cz he can’t eat out everyday!!!”