Bizarre Red White, Blue Politics

Some cynics think that the former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nantong Constituency in the Northern Region would have rather the Islamic funeral of the late Alhaji Rahim Gbadamosi did not register the success it did.

Otherwise for them he would not have been fouling the social media space with his warped thoughts shortly after the spiritual drill for the soul of the iconic educationist with the National Chief Imam officiating.

To think that his worry is about the colours red, white and blue, the colours of France and a host of other countries makes us wonder whether the gentleman has been afflicted with a form of colour psychosis occasioned by political despondence perhaps. Losing his seat the way he did could leave a long-lasting effect as evidenced from his aversion to specific colours on his cognition.

He rained vitriolic from all cylinders on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) because the Chief Imam’s fabric was adorned with red, blue and white embroidery a choice which according to him was influenced by a sympathizer of the political grouping in the cleric’s house who doubles as a staffer of the Vice President’s Office. The Fantis when faced with such convoluted thoughts and conclusion would just exclaim ‘ebeiyi’.

It would be instructive to find out the various colours of the many embroidered dresses of the Chief Imam and to especially find out whether some are not NDC-inclined.

It would appear that the colours under review have been copyrighted by the NPP: using them in a collage of colours automatically suggests an association with the ruling party. Blimey that is what the former honourable gentleman is implying and we find it preposterous.

He prefers the path of belligerence in this noble field of politics which for us does not make for decent politicking.

It would do the country a lot of good when we show sufficient decency when dealing with matters which we do not agree with such as aversion to some colours especially when they are displayed at high-notch funerals or other public engagements.

Former MPs such as Murtala Mohammed should present themselves as role models so that the younger generation can look up to them.

We have taken note of the reaction of the Spokesperson of the National Chief Imam and wish to associate ourselves with his admonition that some concerns as those related to our revered faith must be better dealt with in a tidy order away from the harsh language of social media.

The erstwhile honourable gentleman should remember that although he is no longer a member of the august house, being there before places a certain responsibility of decorous conduct upon him. Let him therefore steer clear of the cacophony of serial calling template and stick to the terms of decency.

This way when he decides one day to seek the mandate of his people in the Nantong Constituency he may be pardoned for the iniquities which made him lose his seat in the last general polls.