GFA Normalisation Committee Engages A Financial Consultant

The Ghana Football Association (GFA), Normalization Committee on September 13, 2018, has engaged the services a financial consultant to undertake a forensic audit on the accounts of the local football controlling body.

A statement for the GFA, said, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), has now retained PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) to do the forensic audit to assist the Normalization Committee (N.C) in some key accounting areas as well as help gather and prepare financial and other documents that PWC has requested.

It said the N.C has retained the services of a Chief Financial Officer level consultant for two months.

The Finance Unit of the GFA has been managed by one manager and two accounting clerks with no internal audit unit for quite some time.

It added that, the is the need for the NC, to restructure and strengthen the finance unit in due course, they were confident that the new consultant would be able to guide the GFA appropriately and properly.