A World Without God

The Tiniest group of the world’s population is working hard to establish a world without any stewardship and accountability to God. To achieve its objective, the group has formed movements in almost every country and is discrediting the Bible. Its members challenge the infallibility of the Bible as the Word of God, raising questions about its practicality to modern life and contradictions. Indeed, when unbelievers lack revelation of a biblical passage, they call it contradiction.

Now, the actions of these secular humanists and atheists against God can only be described as an attempt to kick against pricks. Will they succeed? The rise in the number of atheists around the world in the last few years is not a surprise to the student of the Bible. Christians are informed about the high level of Godlessness that will occur in the last days compared to what has been known in the previous generations (2 Timothy 3: 1- 4).

These days people want to be irreligious not because they seek freedom from stewardship and accountability to a higher power – God, but because they want freedom to engage in anything that seems right in their own eyes without any objections. But clearly they are being used to fulfill the will of their master, the devil. It must be understood that the controlling power of evil and virtue, darkness and light in the world is real. A person with a balanced education knows about the physical and spiritual worlds.

When people question the existence of God and draw the conclusion that God is an imaginary being, then, they simply seek to make the Bible irrelevant and eventually create a world without God. Let it be understood that a person can be a scientist or philosopher and yet lack the ability to reason well. Will you call a scientist who had anal sex with a donkey (bestiality) and died in the process a man who has reasoned well? You can Google and read the story if you want to.

Now, what will a world without God and the Bible be? Obviously, it will be a world without the knowledge of God, wisdom of God, fear of God and glory of God. It will be a world devoid of churches; and if there are no churches, then, there will be no preaching and teaching of the gospel to heal people especially of the disease of the soul to promote virtue in the world. Sin, evil, lawlessness or wickedness is the disease of the soul which is the greatest problem and the cause of all problems in the world.

Moreover, there will be no mission schools including colleges and universities; there will be no church-run hospitals, clinics, health centres, orphanages, philanthropic organisations, publishing houses, bookshops, recording studios, movies, theatres, restaurants, tourism sites, farms and several other businesses. Consequently, unemployment and poverty will be unmanageable in many countries.

In fact, there will be little motivation for scientific investigations and inventions as most scientific research works are triggered by biblical claims. Indeed, the Bible is the greatest source of wisdom for commerce, business, governance, agriculture, architecture, financial management, construction, mathematics, banking, security, justice, marriage, rule of law, democracy, kingship, parenthood, contentment, self-control and discipline. O yes, one can mention several other important lessons and the wisdom the Bible has taught and continue to teach mankind. And so we can perceive a world atheists seek to build without God.

Above all, a world without God will be akin to the world of Sodom and Gomorrah where people indulged in pervert acts, detestable deeds and profane conducts. The entire people of Sodom were homosexuals and lesbians; they indulged in anal and oral sex (sodomy) openly without a shame. It seemed Sodom and Gomorrah had no Bible for preaching and teaching the people. When people are alienated from the life of God even what is despicable becomes acceptable to them.

Every country or territory has specific evil that controls its inhabitants. While some people in a geographical area may be commonly identified with committing murder, rape and burglary others may be commonly known for engaging in homosexuality, lesbianism, incest and bestiality. Bestiality is sexual intercourse that occurs between humans and animals usually dogs, cats, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and donkeys.

Today, in many States of the US and some countries in Europe, the Bible and its God mean nothing to the people; thus sex with animals has been legalized and incest is seen as a normal way of sexual life in those countries. What is so filthy than these?

Certainly, most of the sins aforementioned are also committed in nations where the Bible is preached especially in Africa, but how many Bible-believing African nations have legalized bestiality, homosexuality and incest? How many Bible-believing Africans living in Africa have married to dogs, pigs and donkeys and have sex with them in their bedrooms, beaches, parks, and streets? And how many of them film these sexual encounters and upload them on the Internet for public viewing?

And as the people of Sodom were severely judged and punished for their rejection of the commandments of God so will all peoples and nations that disregard God and His Word will be judged and punished on the appointed day. But there cannot be a world without God because God is the source of life, the possessor of the earth and everything that is in it. God is the maker of the universe. He loves all sinners but hates their sin.