Thanks To President Akufo Addo, We Can Lobby Investors To Dagbon

As sons and daughters of the Dagbon who reside abroad we have  always prayed for a moment where there could an absolute peace in our homelands. 

Many of us here have negotiated and spoke to a lot of our families and friends back home to seek peace, but, one instance or the other, it became fruitless.  

The close to 2 decades conflict back home was a situation that bothers we people of Dagbon who live abroad very much. There were many instances where we have to spend sleepless nights only to call our respective relatives to confirm their safety during the unfortunate period of regrettable conflicts. We could neither come home nor lobby businessmen to come to invest in Dagbon.

So, it became really refreshing when a brother from another land (President Akufo Addo) finds us the peace we always desired for ourselves, friends and relatives back home. It was unthinkable that we could find peace in the short or medium term, though we hoped fervently for peace in Dagbon. 

But, if we can find peace and unity in Dagbon today,  then it must be attributed largely to the President for his decisive leadership. This confirms clearly that he is one of the finest leaders in the world.

Fortunately for us and the people of Dagbon, we can now lobby investors from around the world to invest in the vast potentials of the human and general resources of the Dagbon Land.  

We believe strongly that the peace the NPP government has found us will be a turning point and an overwhelming opportunity for Dagbon to see a lot of progress and development. 

We currently also, have a lot of basis to lobby the ever willing investors to invest in Dagbon. We know this will create an avenue for jobs for our teaming youth and the total development of us all.

Lastly, it would be unfortunate if we fail to acknowledge the works of the committee of eminent chiefs. As tasked by the President, they executed their mandate prudently with professionalism, neutrality and  maturity. We appreciate greatly the remarkable achievement of the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II led committee of Eminent Chiefs. 

Again, we praise our brothers and sisters back home in Dagbon for embracing peace. We are optimistic of the progress of Dagbon and we shall lobby investors from around the world home to partner government to bring to us tremendous development. 

Fatawu Alhassan
President, Sons & Daughters of Dagbon, UK.