Bullet Is My Son . . . I've Forgiven Him - Ebony's Father

Father of the late Ebony Reigns, Nana Opoku Kwarteng alias Starboy Kwarteng has settled his feud with the late Singer's Manager Ricky Osei Agyeman, popularly known as Bullet.

According to Mr. Opoku Kwarteng, Bullet has rendered an apology to him over how he treated him and his family following the demise of his daughter.

It could be recalled that Ebony Reigns' father made some wild allegations against Bullet, accusing him of mismanaging the finances of the late Singer and also disrespecting him.

He therefore asked Bullet to hand over everything that the late Ebony is entitled to including her entire song collections.

Friday, February 8, 2019 also marks Ebony's one-year anniversary and it is thought that since Bullet being the Manager of the late musician contributed to her success, he cannot be left out of the commemoration.

But the chances of Bullet joining the family to celebrate the anniversary of his late musician or making an appearance at the venue for the anniversary were believed to be slim.

However, Ebony's father wants Ghanaians to bury such notion because he and Bullet are on good terms now and that he has forgiven him. 

The gentleman said he has sat down and deeply thought that indeed there were things that he did which were wrong . . . I was touched by his conduct. So, I have embraced his request in good faith. I have accepted that indeed he sought my forgiveness. Frankly, if I can forgive Nana Hemaa, Bullet is also my son; so I can forgive him as well. There were times that she would step on my toes and she would turn around and say ‘Daa, I’m Sorry’ and I will forgive her. If Bullet has turned round to say ‘Daa, I’m sorry’, I don’t have any option than to grant that. Bullet is equally my son.

“ . . Having considered the guy, how he knelt down; the demeanor was really [really, really] touching," he told host Kwame Adjetia in an interview on Neat FM's "Entertainment Ghana".