Child Burning Saga: IGP Told To Sanction Police Officers Who Opted For An Out of Court Settlement

Executive Director of The Ark Foundation Ghana, Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, has asked for the immediate removal of police officers involved in opting for an out of court settlement of a 11-year-old boy who was set ablaze for allegedly peeping at a woman in a bathroom.

The perpetrator, John Nsobilla, who agreed to pay for the hospital expenses, the reason for the out of court settlement refused to play his part of the contract, at a point leaving Ayinbisa Maxwell's body rotting while other parts of the body wrinkled and produced blisters as a result of the poor management of the wounds, giving his body a bad odour.

“I would expect the IGP to immediately withdraw these men, find out what happened and look at the case docket and whatever was entered into it to ascertain the truth and handle these police officers; they cannot continue to treat the citizens of Ghana as if we have no rights when they are supposed to be the ones protecting us,” she said.

She lamented as not being surprised of such an incident even though it is terrible.

“It is wickedness; it is horrifying but not entirely surprising because in this country children are still as seen as and not heard,” she added.

Madam Angela Dwamena-Aboagye in an interview on Joy FM has stressed her interest in the final outcome of how the case will be handled in its final stage.

“I am more interested in what is going to happen now, the first thing is to realize that what the man did amount to attempted murder because if that child had died that will be a full grown murder and this is a felony.

“There is no way any authority can settle a case like this out of court so the first thing is to get the men who caused the harm prosecuted under the criminal offences act.”

But reports indicates that the Bolgatanga Municipal Police Commander is working on the matter.