How Would We Honor Bill Asamoah, Who Worked Against The NPP As A Tourism Ambassador?

Prior to the 2016 general elections, the NPP had to extend our campaign to most of the known actors in Ghana's movie and entertainment industry. 

Some of these Celebrities joined the NPP's campaign through the thick and thin; they campaigned strongly for us in the NPP, whiles the likes of Bill Asamoah fall for the NDC and Mr. Mahama's money. 

Bill Asamoah is a known NDC Member who did underground and opens campaign for John Mahama during the 2016 elections and we must all know he does not deserve this honor.

Matilda Asare, Agya Koo and a lot of these Celebrities trusted and therefore joined the NPP's campaign and campaigned ruthlessly for the party. Here we are in power and what do we see today?

The Minister of Tourism turns to reward persons like Bill Asamoah who played no role or contributed a thing to the course of our campaign. 

If anyone deserves any form of honor we should recognise the works of persons like Matilda Asare, who campaigned for the NPP even when she was heavily pregnant, the likes of Agya Koo. These are the individuals who merit such honour.

As the Special Assistant to the Regional Chairman of the NPP, Ashanti, I was in charge of coordinating these Kumawood actors and actresses and I can tell you on authority that Bill Asamoah and Michael Afranie were the leading advocates for Mr. Mahama's campaign. 

I want Madam Catherine Afeku to respectfully do a broad consultation before she begins honouring persons like Bill Asamoah who worked only for Mahama, opposed free SHS and did bidding for Mahama in the 2016 elections. 

I also want her to understand that honouring NDC loyalists will discourage most of supporters and the celebrities we have targeted to work with during the 2020 elections. 

I wish to ask again that, which credentials does Bill Asamoah has that the likes of Matilda Asare, 'Praye', Agya Koo and the likes do not have to be Tourism Ambassadors? These people are equally competent and it will hurt our fortunes as a party if we turn to honour only the known NDC loyalists. 

I am very disappointed in the Minister and I ask her high office to do an introspective consultation if she wants to honor any of these celebrities in the entertainment industry. 

Andy Owusu 
NPP, Ashanti Region.