Vitriolic Attack On Presidency Condemned

The Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, on Thursday condemned the recent vitrolic attack and the use of intemperate language on Ghana’s Presidency. He said democracy had nothing to do with the politics of insults, especially when the Presidency became the target. The Presiding Bishop had led a delegation to the Office of the President at the Osu Castle in Accra, to invite the President, Professor John Evnas Atta Mills, to the climax of the 50 anniversary celebration of the autonomy of the Church in Ghana. He was commenting on concerns raised by the President on the issue of the politics of insults and the emergence of numerous fake prophets parading in the name of God. The cleric, who recalled having preached against the politics of insults on National Prayer and Thanksgiving Day this year, reiterated that free speech must go alongside with respect and responsibility. He said politics was about the expression of divergent views and not attacks on personalities. The Most Rev. Prof. Asante commended President Mills for his humility, and urged those who used intemperate language to learn from the President’s example. Since assuming office, there had been reports of people using intemperate and abusive language on the President, but he had often asked for the release those arrested, explaining that he was not interested in pursuing those matters. The Most Rev Asante regretted that democracy had been misconstrued as weakness, adding “When we attack the Presidency, we attack Ghana. “You have to be constructive in what you say, don’t insult, or castigate people.” The Most Rev Prof Asante observed that both sides of the political divide were engaged in the negative act. On the influx of false prophets, the Reverend Minister said the leadership of the Christian community was of the view that those who professed to be prophets must belong to a recognised Christian body like the Christian Council of Ghana and the Ghana Pentecostal Council.