Mills Has Always Exhibited Hypocrisy When It Comes To Halting “Politics Of Insults”

A Deputy Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Samuel Awuku, says he has serious doubts about President Mills’ commitment to see a halt in the trading of insults in the country’s body politic, and wonders if “President Mill’s third intervention in this same matter will yield any positive result”. He maintains that President Mills has always been hypocritical when it comes to the issue of “politics of insults” adding that though he (Mills) has been calling for a cease fire to political insults, he has failed to take any action that would prompt members in his government who are engaged in the act to desist from it. “Professor Mills is in active connivance with his appointees to indulge in insults in politics,” he claims. President Mills on Wednesday condemned “the spread of false information about political figures and the use of intemperate language” and wondered the kind of lessons adults were teaching the younger generation. The President made this call when a delegation from the Methodist Church of Ghana led by the Presiding Bishop, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, paid a courtesy call on him at the Castle, Osu. But cataloguing a litany of instances where members of the ruling government have been verbally abusive towards the NPP, Sammy Awuku urged President Mills to first rein in the marauding supporters of his party by cracking the whip on members of his government who fall foul of his fiat. “During the tenure of Mr. John Kufour, he delivered a speech at the inauguration of a club house based on his commitment to fight the drug trade and afterwards, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo, came out openly to call him “stupid”…Dr. Tony Aidoo, called President Kufour, “a dumb person”, yet in all cases (President) Mills failed to act…Koku Anyidoho used a derogatory word against…he even said he doesn’t want to see Kufuor’s face and he is still the Director of Communications at the presidency”.