Angry Ghanaian Visa Applicants Besiege US Embassy

The American Embassy in Accra was on Friday September 30, besieged by angry Visa Lottery applicants, who are blaming the authorities at the embassy for neglecting their pursuit of Visas to the United States. Scores of people from different parts of the country complained bitterly to Citi News that they have been abandoned for weeks by the American authorities, after securing the necessary requirements and five passes needed for their Visas. Others also recounted the inconvenience they have faced over the last couple of weeks saying they do not have places to sleep at night and sometimes have to pass the night at the Tema Station. Some of the applicants at the Embassy who expressed their resentment about the way they are being treated said authorities at the American Embassy must respect their rights as Ghanaians. “We have been here for some weeks now and people have been here for months, some came in as far as February, at least if you will not give us the Visa tell us so that whatever we have to do we will go and do it”. An applicant told Citi News. “I have lost my job, people have stopped schooling and we have stayed here for a very long time, I don’t have anywhere to sleep so I just sleep at the Tema station” another applicant said.