Chief's Son Shot Dead

One person killed and several others injured in a clash between two rival groups in the Biakoye District of the Volta region. The fight was between the Akans and Akporsors over which ethnic group has the right to organize the festival of the area. A royal prince of Akporsor was shot and killed during the cultural festivities at the Akporsor palace. Nicholas Ameye along with his uncle, Nana Okitikpo III, was attacked by alleged members from the Akan side. According to Nana Akata Luis, the DCE of Biakoye, Ameye’s death was brought about by a long-standing feud between the two tribes. “Whenever one tribe celebrates their annual festival, the other tribe will issue acts of threats and behave violently,” he explained. He said that a youth of the Akporsor tribe was stabbed prior to the festival.Nana Akata said: “The seats of the chief’s car were burnt and while it was in flames, he (Nana Okitikpo III) came out thinking that it was an electrical fault; he and his nephew were shot and the boy died instantly." He blamed the police for their negligence and lack of urgency.