Abrogate STX Deal, Give It To Local Contractors - Kobby Fiagbe

A member of the NDC Communications team, Kobby Fiagbe is calling for the abrogation of the controversial STX Housing Project, calling for other companies to take it up. According to him, the local contractors and other equally competent construction companies that wanted to provide the housing units for citizens and the security agencies can take advantage of the current STX wrangling and take up the task. The project, which was meant to provide housing for the nation’s security personnel, is on the verge of collapse. This has led to a lot of bashing of the NDC government. Mr. Fiagbe who was contributing on Citi FM’s news and current affairs program, ‘The Big Issue’ on Saturday, noted that after having realized there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for the STX project, the best option for government is to abrogate. He said however, that government should continue to pursue the affordable housing project albeit with a different contractor. Mr. Fiagbe said “I want STX abrogated, I don’t want the deal in terms of building houses for Ghanaian people and the Ghanaian security forces abrogated. “There are companies who are also able to build. Today it is STX that has won that contract for the time being, now if STX is not on cite, there are other companies that who can take up the job. “Even before STX, there were other companies like GREDA and co who were telling us that yes we would have been able to do it so this is not the time for us to say GREDA, come and fill in the brigde, you say you can, take it and do it. ”