'Don’t Sack The Attorney General; Celebrate Him'

An anti-corruption campaigner Vitus Azeem has warned the President, John Evans Atta Mills, not to heed to calls from a section of his party to fire Attorney General, Martin Amidu, for revealing that a colleague minister is concealing “gargantuan crimes” against the people of Ghana. The head of the Ghana Integrity Initiative, the local chapter of Transparency International, told Citi News any attempt to muzzle or give Mr. Amidu the marching orders will go against the ruling NDC government’s resolve to fight corruption. Mr. Azeem said the people of Ghana will lose interest in the Mills-led administration with an excuse that the government is not interested in going a step further to investigate allegations of wrong doings in society. “It is out of frustration that he [Amidu] has to say this and you know fighting corruption especially when it involves close relatives and party members is difficult,” he said. “He had no choice than to say it. It’s possible that he had made this comment in private and no action has been taken. ” Mr. Azeem added: “We hope that the President will commend him and take appropriate actions on the allegations that he has made. If he is fired then it shows that the President is not committed to his fight against corruption. The president needs to look at the allegation rather than firing a minister. ”