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Koforidua-The Question Of Rightful Ruling Lineage   
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No doubt the disgruntled of Koforidua do have some genuine grievances, but pls, for Heavens Sake, misimpressions must not be created/perpetuated. Nana Ama Bonsu's lineage, ARE? NOT, the sole, let alone to be described as the RIGHTFUL ROYALS of ''New' JUABEN, I.E IS TOLI OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

No where, nor has it occurred at any time, that the entire Yiadom and Osei Hwere Family of Dwabenman, encompassing(Mpampama, Duwaa and Mansa), the Senior Divisional Chiefs/Elders of Dwabenman sat down and passed a Royal Decree/Edict, to the effect that the Yiadom and Hwere Stools of Koforidua are for the sole occupation of descendants of our kinswoman, grandmother and fellow Royal, Nana Ama Bonsu(RIP).

The Stool of New Juaben, was not created for Nana Ama Bonsu, neither for the sole use of you; the Mansas. The mere fact that Ama Bonsu, relocated to Koforidua, does not make her or her descendants, the sole or so-called Rightful Royals of Koforidua!!

Yes, granted, the Nana Ama Bonsu and her progeny by virtue of her permanent relocation Koforidua from Dwaben((no need to give reasons on such a public forum)), and hence proximity to the New Juaben Stool, have no doubt, made great contributions to the upkeep of the Koforidua Stool((on the other hand too, some of her progeny have proved to be absolute fritters of many a precious Dwaben legacies)) by its maintenance, acquisition of lands etc.

To deny that, will render anyone an absolutely contemptuous character. The truth always must remain the truth. That notwithstanding however, one cannot use that as a basis to declare unilaterally declare one's lineage, as the Sole Ones, fit to occupy such a Stool which is the common property of the Entire Osagyefuo Adae-Adaakwa Ko-Yiadom and Osei Hwere/Hwedie Royal Family, and at large, that of the entire Dwabens((i.e irrespective of where geographically situate)).

For if that were so, then the Elderly Houses of the Royal Dynasty, i.e MPAMPAMA and DUWAAH, may as well declare the entire MANSAS, not rightful Royals of the Yiadom n Hwere Stools, for afterall, they, i.e Mpampama and Duwaah, sat on those stools, maintained them and in conjunction with the other families of Dwaben and other Dwabens, scrimped and scrapped, fought and doggedly made those Stools and Dwabenman a force to reckon with in Asante, i.e 2nd to none, save Kumasi, way before the Mansas even dreamt of ever occupying the Dwaben Stools.

Today, as a result of their hardwork, you---the Mansas,(( issues of Nana Akua Mansa Boatemaa walk about, behaving as if she was the progenitor of the Dwaben Royal Family, a misimpression created and long sustained, which is dubious, contemptible and laughable in equal measure. Needless to state absolutely untrue, for obviously, Akua Mansa Boatemaa who was born in the 1860/70s, came to meet Dwaben in existence)), by far the juniormost Royal House are enjoying the fruits of their toil. I mean, at the time they sat on the Stools and made Dwaben, Dwaben, where were you the Mansas?

Today, you lot go about, pompously beating your chests with pride, as a result of the work done by others. Simply put, in the overall scheme of affairs, just as required of everyone and done by others, Nana Ama Bonsu's lineage have done what is expected of each and sundry of the family, to uphold and maintain the dignity of the Stools((even then, without many instances of a helping hand from Akuamoa Ahenfie at Dwaben)), it would have been very difficult for Nana Oti's predecessor.

Following thus, one can't argue that since my so so and so, did this and that for the Stool, hence, my lineage is the most rightful one, or the most deserving of the Stool or have the right thus, to occupy a Stool---common to all lineages in the entire
family in exclusivity. That is never on. Customarily, that's a very dubious basis. No where in any Akan State of repute, will that be upheld.

I mean, I needn't indicate thus, for afterall the principal contender in this matter, is very well versed in custom and Dwaben Law. When it comes to such matters, one can't simply pick and choose. The undeniable fact is, the New Juaben Yiadom and Hwere Stools were not created for, or meant to be occupied in exclusivity by just one particular lineage segment, in this instance, that of Nana Ama Bonsu(may she rest in peace). Before Nana Ama Bonsu decided to relocate to Koforidua, those Stools had already been created. In effect, she came to meet the Stool, how then, can one say then, that only her lineage is fit to sit on such a Stool, which is the property of the entire lineage segments of the Renowned Royal Family of Dwaben and Dwabenman at large? Upon what basis is that so?

Nana Ama Bonsu, Nana Yaa Ampomah(Yaa Daani I of Koforidua), Nana Ama Serwaah, Nana Akosua Kyem and Nana Afia Serwaah were all born in Dwaben or in Asante for that matter, to Nana Akua Mansa Boatemaah. These were of the Mansa House. Their umbilical cords, are all buried in Dwaben or perhaps Kumawu(where Nana Ama Boatemaah was residing). Never in New Juaben. Most likely, as of the time of their births, New Juaben had not even been conceived of. So then, upon what basis, does one say we, and we alone are the Royals of ''New'' Juaben, when the wombs from which you all came out of, all have their umbilical cords, buried in Dwaben?

Owing to latter circumstances which bode ill-fortune for Dwaben and the preparedness of some suppossed kinsfolk, to trample at will, the injunctions of Okomfo Kokoo and repay our dogged efforts to make them ''Kuntunnn Kantann'' with pepper the British too proving treacherous as always, the entire Dwaben with the exception of the old, infirm, very young, some unfortunate women and others residing elsewhere in Asante such as Nana Ama Mansa Boatemaa who was in Kumawu with Nana Yaw Sarpong I, son of her sister the Dwabenhemaa Akosua Afrakomaa II, who all unfortunately fell into our adversaries hands with the exception of these just mentioned, the entirety of Dwaben, i.e the Dwabenhene Asafo Agyei, Dwabenhemaa Nana Akosua Afrakomaa II, their impressive Regalia of State as well as all the Kingly Paraphenalia of Dwaben, all the Major and Minor Divisional Stools of Dwaben, their occupants and the people of Dwaben, all left Asante and took up residence in Akyem a reluctant residence, which eventually culminated in the founding of New Juaben.


Nana Ama Serwaah and Nana Ama Bonsu As Progenitors of the New Juaben Stool:---

I mean, upon just what legitimate basis, can one say so? This's simply unsupported by Custom and Dwaben Law. No never, this's a total attempt at hoodwinking. Pls, the problem in Koforidua now, is chiefly one of some Dwabens over there, disliking the persona of Nana Oti Boateng I. Nothing can I do about that, can't compel anyone to hate/love anyone else. We shouldn't however, despite whatever grievances we have---admittedly, some are very well grounded stretch matters to a ridiculous extent, to the point of advocating a usurpation of an entire family's Stool, by just an interested lineage strand within it. Here a bit of a historical explanation will do:--

To cut a long story short, Queen Afrakomaa passed away in Accra((there are Dwaben Royals in Osu, owing to her residence in Accra at point in time)). With her at the time was her classifactory daughter, Nana Ama Serwaah(uterine daughter of her uterine sister---Nana Akua Mansa Boatemaa). It appears, Nana Akosua Afrakomaa had no female issue. As if on premonition of her death, after heated quarrels with her father--Nana Asafo Agyei(the Dwabenhene who was just an expedient Stoolholder as he wasn't of Royal Blood), Nana Afrakomaa caused to be transferred to Nana Ama Serwaah then a minor, all the regalia, cloths and the Stool of her Office. Hence, Nana Ama Serwaah became more or less the Dwabenhemaa and the Head Ruler of all the Dwabens.

All transactions leading to the establishment of ''New'' Juaben were done in her name, as a representative of the Entire Dwaben Royal Family, the Chiefs and other Elders of Dwaben. This should never be construed to mean, new Juaben was her personal property for her to dispose of, as deemed fit. No, never. She stood in for the entire family, as is consonant with the Akan philosophy of Family and Family Ownership of Property.

Nana Ama Bonsu did not even feature in these transactions as per name, its even doubtful if she had even set foot in the Colony at that time. In all probability, she along with her other sisters may have been with their mother in Asante. So then, how can she be classified as the progenitor of the ''new'' Juaben Stools, and her descendants, declared as the Sole Rightful Royals with Ascriptive Rights to Those Stools? Please desist from making ridiculous claims.

This sort of argument, will never stand in any competent Akan court of Law, or even, I doubt very much, the alien law courts of Ghana. Nana Ama Serwaah, at a later time, went back to Dwaben Asante when it was being rebuilt, and reigned there as the Queenmother thereof, i.e the Dwabenhemaa. All along, as illustrated elsewhere, she had delegated chiefs who were taking care of the Dwabens she had left behind in the Colony. Nana Ama Bonsu and Nana Yaa Amponsah/Ampomah, later on, decided to emigrate from Dwaben or Asante, to Koforidua. Indeed, as of the time, it seems to have become a fashion amongst the Dwaben Royals to relocate, as Koforidua had become a thriving commercial place and Dwaben was a pale shadow of its former glorious self.

What I'm most baffled by, is as to how, a relocation to another place, where a Stool had already been established before one's relocation, makes one and her uterine descendants, the sole qualified Royals of that Stool. How come? How possible? What's the customary and lawful basis for that?

Needless to mention, Nana Ama Bonsu's daughter, Ohemaa Afrakomaa who gave birth to Nana Yaw Gyapong in Koforidua--Ada in 1921 or so, went back to Dwaben in Asante, and succeeded to the Stool of Ofuyeh, i.e became the reigning Dwabenhemaa or Queen of Dwaben. If Nana Ama Bonsu was as is being alleged or claimed now(dubious by the way) as the progenitor of the New Juaben Stool with its implied sole ascriptive rights of her seed, how come then, her own uterine daughter---Nana Afrakomaa, was allowed to succeed to the Overall Seniormost Stool of the Entire Family, the venerable Stool of Ofuyeh?

Additionally, one cannot say, for the mere fact most of her descendants have sat on the New Juaben Stools, so hence, they ought to be recognised as the sole ones, with ascriptive rights to occupy those stools. That again has no basis in custom. What about say, Nana Agyeman Akrasi and Nana Akua Num, should their nephews and nieces claim the Koforidua Stools as their exclusive own, since their Uncle and Aunt, reigned there?

Let's refrain from shooting ourselves in our own foot. Certainly, both contending parties in Koforidua have legitimate grievances, no matter how one looks at it((the monopoly games of a specific lineage in the family too doesn't help)) but let us go about resolving them in a manner that preserves the Oneness and Integrity of the Entire Dwaben Royal Family. We've washed our dirty linen in public for far too long. Our ancestors will be very ashamed of us.


Finally, given that this conflict has defied solution, and the Mansas have dishonoured the hallowed Stools of our ancestors, Nananom of Dwabenman, in order to assure a permanent peace, should take a firm decision to source for candidates for the Stools in Dwaben and ''New'' Dwaben, should they become vacant at any point in the future, from the very Rightful, Honourable and Elderly Royal Houses of Dwaben, that is, the MPAMPAMA and DUWAA Royal Houses, of whom its proven that they were the ones who made Dwaben, Dwaben.

Please, let us all, Royals of Dwaben, whether from either of the 3 Houses, comport ourselves as fitting of/required of/, Royals of Dwaben and also of Asante, who if need be, qualify for and can sit on the Golden Stool. Let us, the current generations, maintain the dignity and well deserved rightful pride of Dwaben Royals. Our ancestors will turn in their graves, as to the sort of behaviour now being displayed in the open by some of us.

Please, Nana Ama Bonsu's descendants, yes, in truth you have been shabbily treated---the behaviour of some persons at the death and burial of Nana Akua Saah (the redoubtable and admittedly very Queenly Auntie Grace) has been most hypocritical and very disgraceful to say the least. However, learn to bear your pain with dignity and wait for God's appointed time. Afterall his time is the best.
Be assured, your pain, doesn't even feature, when compared with that of your elderly siblings, the Mpampamas and Duwaas, who have had to endure alienation from their own Stools for well over a century. What do you think will happen to Dwabenman, if they are to violently reassert their well known rights to their own Stools---Stools which their own ancestors sat upon, before even, you the Mansas had even dreamt of ever sitting on them?

Learn to bear your pain well and conduct yourselves with dignity taking a cue of course, from your elderly siblings.
Source: Osrodae Kore

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