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Choosing Between A Rapist And A Stupid Person   
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“If you insult, expect to be insulted. If you hit a rock and dislodge boulders, you will be crushed” – Sir Calvin Spencer (Night Errant)

I have no more time to serve notice again because I have done so for umpteen times. On so many occasions, I have had cause to serve notice in this column that if any hireling and half-wit goes into the gutter to smear people I respect with dirt, I will equally go down that gutter to teach such an imbecile a lesson worth learning. And so when Stan Dogbe, the distributor of hampers referred to supporters of the NPP as stupid persons following the rumour that the president was dead, I decided to practice what I know best whenever any moron decides to go wayward and provokes me beyond tolerance. Since it is now crystal clear that the Mills boys only understand insults, the time has come for us to tell them that they are not the only specialists in the use of intemperate language.

We have reached a point where the Mills hounds have started to revolt against conformism. Their attitude is forcing some of us who have eaten enough salt on earth to let lose our mischievous self to prove to them that we can equally bite. Yours sincerely, in particular, hates being treated like dirt by mediocre opportunists like Stan Dogbe who, instead of finding something useful to do with his life, is parading the corridors of power and enjoying the ‘chop chop’. For me, if I am given the opportunity to choose between being a rapist and a stupid person, I will choose the latter. Has this guy sat down to cast his mind and see those who support the NPP? If supporters of the NPP are stupid, then majority of Ghanaians are stupid. Supporters of the NPP include professors, lawyers, farmers, engineers, medical doctors, nurses, businessmen and women, chiefs, queen-mothers, clergymen, musicians, sportsmen and women, truck pushers, hairdressers, traders, teachers, lecturers, renowned technocrats, among other professionals. If you open your big mouth and refer to these ladies and gentlemen as stupid, then you need to visit the Pantang hospital for a psychiatrist to examine your brain. When we went to the polls to elect a president in 2008, more than 47 percent of Ghanaians voted for the NPP candidate in the first round. If we are to take what this Dogbe boy said, then it stands to reason that more than 47 percent of Ghanaians are stupid. And yet the leaders of the NDC have kept quiet. Indeed, they will not speak out against the irresponsible comments because they have been referred to as “greedy bastards’ by the founder of their party. As greedy bastards, what moral right do they have to reprimand a wayward member of the club like Stan Dogbe?

This issue of the health status of the president is not a new story. Michael Teye Nyaunu once told us that the president was sick, while Sekou Nkrumah also revealed to us that when the president greeted him, he (the president) could not recognize him because he had bad eye sight. The president himself has been going for treatment in South Africa and some other countries. The health status of every president in this world is something which concerns the citizens because as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he can make a desperate decision due to his ailment which can bring the country to her knees. That is the more reason why some countries hire psychiatrists for their presidents. In the US, when Dick Chiney, the former US Vice president had a heart attack, it was rumoured that he had kicked the basket. He simply came out to tell the people of America that he had “unusual heart throbs”. The Republicans did not accuse the Democrats of spreading the rumours of the death of Dick Chiney.

Because Chiney himself told the people of America of his ailment, the people moved in sympathy with him. The sages say the man who weeps in the rain is the only one who knows where his tears are. Today, Dick Chiney is alive and kicking. The Akans say you get a cure for your ailment only if you sell it. (se wo ton wo yadie a na wo ya ano aduro). President Mills has refused to sell his sickness, hence the continuous junketing in search of a cure. There are some ailments which could be easily cured by our native doctors but because they do not know what is happening to the President, they have kept their medicines to themselves.

Those who are trying desperately to sweep the sickness of the President under the carpet are not doing him any good. Who in this world doesn’t get sick once in a while? Presidents are human beings and as such they can also get sick. For the past one year, the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has been battling with cancer and the people of Venezuela know everything about their president’s predicaments. Anytime he travelled to Cuba for cure, the people of Venezuela went down on their knees in prayer for the man who is in charge of the affairs of the nation. When the current President of Argentina, Ms Christine got ill, her spokesperson announced to the nation that the lady was suffering from cancer and needed to go through operation. As she was being operated on in a hospital, her supporters kept vigil at the forecourt of the hospital.

When she was discharged from the hospital after a successful operation, there was jubilation all over Argentina. Similarly, the former Cuban Head of State, Fidel Castro, realized that things were not going well as far as his health was concerned and so he wisely handed over to his brother, Comrade Raul Castro.

Not so with our President, who has been going in and out of hospitals. The whole issue of the President’s ailment started long before he became the president of Ghana. His party members were divided over his ability to withstand the rigors of the 2008 electioneering campaign but by the grace of God, he was able to sail through. When he became the president of Ghana, a Member of Parliament who is a key member of the NDC came out to tell the good people of Ghana that the President was sick but the image makers of the President told us that what the honourable Member of Parliament said was not true.

As we kept trudging on, the President was once again rushed to the airport to board a plane to the US to cure himself of a disease only he and his handlers know of. Today, the man who said he was very strong and not sick is out of the country for “a routine medical check-up”. Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Information, Okudzeto Ablakwa, told Ghanaians that the president had been going for “routine medical check-up” in Ghana where his doctors had been treating him. The multimillion questions therefore are: why is he rushing to the US for “a routine medical check-up”? Is the “medical check-up” so complex that doctors in Ghana cannot deal with it? Are the doctors in the US more qualified than their counterparts in Ghana when it comes to “routine medical check-up”?

I have always insisted that lies have shorter legs. You cannot continue to lie to the people you rule forever and ever. At a point in time, people will know the truth and you, the liar, would be exposed to public ridicule. One funny thing I observed when Mills was trotting to board the plane to the US was that he forgot to offer himself for a body check like he did the other time to prove to Ghanaians that he was not carrying illegal drugs to sell in the US. Should we conclude that when he chose to trot pass the check point, he was carrying cocaine? Why did he not stop a while for the security men to do the body search he loves so much?

And should a ‘medical check-up’ where the president promised to “sit down with his doctors and talk about things” take ten days? The time has come for the President to stop the jokes and be serious. How many presidents have we ever seen trotting to board a plane? Habba!!! The day they advised him to strip naked at the airport to prove to Ghanaians that he didn’t countenance drug pushing, they should have realized that the trick would backfire one day since the president cannot continue to strip naked for a search every time he decides to travel outside the country. Ah, maybe the security agencies at the Kotoka International Airport do not search sick persons who travel through the airport for a “routine medical check-up”.

If you have ever lived in a country where the sitting president died, you will never wish that it happens in Ghana. In fact, when such a thing happens, the whole country becomes traumatized and the future seems uncertain as people do not know what will happen next. When such a power vacuum is created through the death of the sitting president, the whole country sits on tenterhooks because of the eventual power struggle among the ruling class. And so when those who are close to the president leaked the information that the president had died, I knew they did not know what they were saying. Anyone who believes that the story was leaked by the opposition NPP should rethink. It is not for nothing that the Akans have a saying that the ant that bites you is in your cloth. If a picture of the President who was sleeping in his office could come to the public domain, then his health status could only be known by people who are closer to him at the Castle.

Remember a letter written by Dr. Kwabena Adjei, the National Chairman of the ruling NDC, was intercepted and found its way to the private media? The enemy is within and not without. And so, arrant knaves and scoundrels who are flourishing in this empire should shut up and continue looting the coffers of the state in the name of distribution of hampers to journalists, until nemesis catches up with them. I rest my case for now until another lizard crosses my path before I spit fire. Good morning, Daavi Ama of Dimples Junction!!!

Source: Eric Bawah/Daily Guide

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