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CPP Cross Examines Sakara’s ‘Paradigm Shift’   
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Another electoral season is here again in our country. It is the time when the government will spend money through the roof in an effort to win the election to further destabilise our national economy.

The season is also an opportunity for ‘commercial politicians’ indifferent to social policy but specialised in accessing government electoral campaign slush funds to set up shop to receive tainted monies

A story on the current national political terrain is the resignation of Dr Abu Sakara Foster from the Convention People’s Party to contest the 2016 General Elections as an independent Presidential candidate.

The reasons given by Dr Sakara for his resignation are doubtful on examination and inconsistent with known principles of politics and social organisation. The general observation is that Dr, Sakara has been less than candid with the Party that gave him the opportunity to cut his political teeth.

Firstly, Dr Sakara as the immediate past flag bearer of the CPP is a member of the Central Committee of the CPP which is responsible for decision-making and Party management between National Congresses.  Dr Sakara has stated that “the conduct and misplaced priorities that still dominate decision making in the CPP” is one of the reasons for his resignation.

Dr Sakara cannot  honestly give the above as a reason for his defection because it is known and on record that he did not attend any Central Committee meetings after the 2012 elections, nor did he  canvass thereafter on priority policies and, or warn against “misplaced priorities” except during the period for the preparations of the 2015 Congress.

Dr Sakara describes his breakaway from the CPP as a “paradigm shift” in the search for a “new consensus” in the definition of a “new national interest”. His proposition is disingenuous. All political parties exist on a claim to be representative of the national interest and this constitutes the partisan basis of multi-party democracy and politics.

Dr Sakara’s search for a new definition of “national interest” is therefore definitively partisan. This means there is no “paradigm shift” in his search for an elusive “new consensus” for a nondescript “national interest”.  The justification of his breakaway from the CPP is ruse and hubris

The ideological divide in the political economy of our country is made up of the Monetarists or the parties that have swallowed the IMF policy of structural adjustment, liberalisation and austerity to roll back the economic intervention of the state in growth and development. The parties that subscribe to this development policy are the NDC and NPP. They are in the blue corner of the ideological divide.

In the red corner are the Structuralists. They are represented by the Nkrumaist Convention People’s Party that subscribes to state intervention in economic development, national ownership of national resources and the reconstruction of post-colonial economies in industrialisation to create jobs. The question for Dr Sakara therefore is where in this divide of our political economy is his “new consensus” and redefinition of his novel “national interest”?

While Dr Sakara contemplates an answer, we the masses reckon that the divergent development philosophies of liberal democracy that advocates the political economy of globalisation and the development philosophy of Nkrumaism; that is founded on our history of slavery and colonialism are the political and economic thought of great thinkers in history.

We are of the view that Dr Sakara has bitten off more than he can chew in the challenge of philosophy for a definition and interpretation of his “new consensus” and “national interest” that includes or necessitates a “paradigm shift”.

Background information on the actions of Dr Sakara immediately after the declaration of the 2012 election results is instructive for an evaluation of the ethics and motives of his resignation.  

Dr Sakara invited members of the CPP’s Campaign Management Team for a meeting via text messaging. Members of the Team who turned up found a meeting room prepared for a press conference with the media present.

Dr Sakara without prior consent and approval of the Central Committee of the Party addressed that press conference and informed the assembled pressmen of the CPP’s acceptance of the 2012 election results. The press conference was delayed incessantly to enable live coverage by Metro TV, a privilege hardly ever extended to the CPP.  

This was in spite of the fact that the Party had credible and relevant questions on the declaration of results from the Jomoro Constituency.

The pertinent observations here are the deception, indecent haste and audacity of Dr Sakara and his friends in calling that press conference in a patent violation of Party constitution and discipline that supports the proposition that they were encouraged by the political party that required a hasty affirmation of an electoral victory that was potentially questionable? 

Instigating insurgency and destabilisation are the reactionary tools of the enemies of the CPP to impede her imminent rise to power and diffuse or obliterate her glorious history of contribution to the liberation of the African continent from colonialism, and her nationalist development achievement of using our national resources for the prosperity of our people.  

The CPP won triple electoral victories in 1951, 1954 1956 against the combined opposition of British imperialism and the Danquah Busia (Dombo?) tradition to secure the freedom of our country. These victories established the Party as the traditional majority Party in the electoral politics of our country.

The resurrection of the Party after 13 years of proscription to win the General Elections in 1979 against the opposition to the Danquah Busia (Dombo?) tradition that had been in power from 1969 to 1972, confirmed the CPP as the Party to beat in Ghana’s electoral politics. The governments of the CPP were overthrown in 1966 and 1981, banned in 1968/9 and divided since 1992 by forces with access to the national treasury for the creation of rogue political parties.

External economic interests and their internal collaborators will always do their utmost to destabilise the CPP, to benefit pliant governments that are submissive to foreign domination of our national resources; as in the case of the ceding of Tema Harbour and the assets of ECG to foreign interests for small change.

The lessons drawn from these definitive electoral victories and the commitment of the CPP to national ownership of national resources for the prosperity of the people are proof that an unimpeded CPP is the greatest and only barrier to the control and domination of our resources by external financial and economic interests to the detriment of our people.

The breakaway of Dr Sakara from the CPP to contest the 2016 elections as an independent candidate is just the latest manifestation of reactionary efforts to destabilise the CPP.  Dr Sakara intends to carry out his assignment from the enemies of our country and Party by casting on his countrymen the magic spell of Sakawa clothed in an undefined or ill-defined political thought. His reward from his Guru will be a La Paz Toyota.
Source: New Crusading Guide

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