JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The Untold Story Of Ghana’s Independence Struggle And The Founder/Founders’ Debate

I find as not only disconcerting but also preposterous claims by some political actors to the effect that our country, Ghana, was founded by just one man. This claim, rather astonishingly, is being pushed by persons affiliated with the NDC political tradition, and indeed, when they were in office, they, through an Executive Instrument, declared Nkrumah’s birthday, the FOUNDER’S DAY and proceeded to make it a Public Holiday to be observed each year much to the chagrin of the Ghanaian people particularly persons who know the history of Ghana’s independence struggle. In any case, what is the NDC’s principled position when it comes to the treatment of persons who have toiled to found an entity? What is their record in the treatment of their own party founder?

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