GTUC Organises 2012 Career Fair

The Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) on Thursday organized the fourth 2012 Career Fair with a challenge to fresh graduates to establish small-scale enterprises through partnerships with their peers. Speaking at the opening session at the fair in Accra, Dr Robert Awuah Baffour, Vice President and Acting Registrar of GTUC, said products needed to apply themselves with skills and knowledge that would enable them set up enterprises to become economically self-reliant and sustaining. He said empirical research indicated that not all graduates of Tertiary educational institutions would find employment in both formal and informal sectors but stressed the situation should not hamper them from establishing enterprises on their own, however small they may be. Dr Baffour called on older generations at the work place to selflessly train and delegate responsibilities to young people for posterity. “The future of this country depends not on the older ones but the younger generation,” he added. Dr Baffour urged the participants, mainly students of GTUC, to take advantage of the fair, to ask relevant questions and to develop critical thinking abilities that would enable them take charge of industries to leap frog the country’s socio-economic development. Exhibiting companies included GTUC, Ghana School of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana Consult, Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN), Vodafone Ghana, CalBank, Chartered Institute of Bankers and Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.