Bawumia Can't Win His Own Constituency, Let Alone Northern Votes - Azorka

The Northern Regional chairman of the NDC, Awudu Sofo Azorka has laughed off claims by the NPP vice presidential candidate that the NPP will win the votes of all the three Northern Regions. Dr. Mahmud Bawumia during a tour of the Malata Market in Accra said he is confident the NPP will capture all the northern votes due to the rousing welcome he received when he toured the region with Nana Akufo Addo recently. But speaking to XYZ NEWS Sofo Azorka said Dr Bawumia cannot even win his own constituency let alone the entire northern region. �But Mahmud Bawumia is not a politician. He doesn�t know [how] the politics is going. He will win some places but he cannot win Northern Region. Northern Region is a no go area for the NPP.� He said per the development that President Mills has brought to the three northern regions, there is no way the NPP is going to win the majority of votes. Sofo Azorka reiterated that �as for the three regions, [they] are out; including his constituency, he can�t win it.�